Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwich Shops – Franchise Evaluation

Who could have pictured that a small “four-sandwich and printed-menu-less” store established by a 19-year-old would become a chain of over one thousand restaurants all over the United States? Yes, we are talking about Jimmy John’s! Back in 1983, John Liquated, a 19 years old child at that time, began a little shop in Illinois providing four kinds of sandwiches. John initially focused on making basic meat sandwiches for a university student. His shop started getting famous because of his terrific taste, and the business began to gain a strong base. He began improving his setup by consisting of tables and printed menus. Responding to the demand of regional people, John likewise started house delivery service from his shop.

Jimmy John’s is a one of its kinds in this group of restaurants. They keep their meals simple and maintain their first kind always. A unique feature of this dining establishment is that the bread, utilized for making sandwiches, is baked every day at each outlet. Even the names of the original sandwiches have not altered because of the beginning of the store. This custom makes it a distinct restaurant, which swears to provide the best sandwiches to its clients.

immy John's Gourmet Sandwich Shops

Today, Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwiches has about 1020 franchises all over the US. Out of these, the business owns 23 devices. The company allows people to open its franchises on some conditions that vary from other restaurants. Apart from the typical ones, the company finds in interested people, qualities such as a love for life, kids, music, grandparents, and love for sandwiches! This reveals a vibrant and healthy company focus.

If an interested company qualifies to open a franchise, the business provides training for management of staff. This training consists of two types and various durations. The first managers get a training of 7 weeks while assistant managers get 3-week training. This training aims to guarantee that the outlet runs at specific standards as defined by the company.