Breakfast at Burger King Shocks

As I was pulling into Burger King breakfast observed the McDonald’s nearby. My other half had requested a McMuffin, but because I remained in a hurry and also currently approaching the BK drive-through, I decided to stick to BK.When I placed my order for a Breakfast Muffin Sandwich, a hash brown, and also a sausage burrito and also the lady told me my total amount was $4.21, I moaned. This affordable meal, I made certain, would be the worst trait I had ever consumed.

As well as presume exactly what?

The BEST convenience food breakfast I have had in ages! Sure, it’s “bad” in all the typical ways– high in calories, fat and also sodium, while low in dietary worth– however, it was scrumptious. I am a total Burger King breakfast transform.I am not the most significant follower of breakfast sausage generally, and certainly not fast food breakfast sausage, but BK provides a great part, as well as without the little gristly bits you typically discover in those pre-made patties. The cheese was melt, as well as the egg item, ¬†was warmed right through, and also tasted as near genuine eggs as an egg thing could obtain.

The English muffin on the sandwich was suitable, yet I enjoyed the flour tortilla on the burrito– it was soft, and also totally warm. One of my greatest problems with junk food is when the components are not all warmed through. However, BK provided a warm and also gratifying breakfast with excellent flavor. My spouse and I concurred that the brownish hash attacks went beyond McD’s hash brown patties in taste; I assumed they were much less oily, as well.

Breakfast at Burger King Shocks

For the document, this muffin breakfast sandwich is a healthier alternative than the similar BK breakfast sandwich served on a biscuit; going with the muffin slashes over 100 calories, 7 grams of fat, as well as 650 mg of salt. If you’re currently on the BK train, keep that in mind.